Commercial New Build - SBEM

  • Shows the efficiency of a Building in graph format and comes with a Recommendations Report and Building Regulation Compliance Document BRUKL Part L2A or Part L2B
  • On Construction Commercial EPC required by Law if Constructing or Altering a building to provide more parts.
  • ´╗┐Fines for non-compliance, imposed by Trading Standards. The Builder is responsible.
  • Certificate can only be produced by a Qualified Assessor Level (NDEA Level 4) Non Domestic Energy Assessor, who is registered with a Government approved accreditation scheme.
  • Certificate is Valid for 10 years.
  • Certificate is Lodged on Landmark Register and can be retrieved using a 24 digit pin.
  • Does NOT Require a Building inspection by a Qualified assessor, Assessor uses building plans to determine ratings.
  • Also known as Non Domestic New Build EPC or Part L2A or SBEM Calc to reflect the building regulation is adheres to. Uses SBEM Methodology to calculate ratings.

Cost from £250* including Landmark Registry fees for a small office. For multiple properties then reductions are available.

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* Excluding VAT