Display Energy Certificates | DEC

  • DEC shows the actual efficiency of a Building using existing consumption figures and useable area of the building.
  • Shows the operational rating of a Building in graph format and is accompanied by an Advisory Report.
  • Display Energy Certificate legally required if all the following are true ;
    • Public Building
    • Frequently visited by members of the public
    • Building size over 250m2
  • Display Energy Certificate & Separate Advisory Report required.
  • Must be displayed in a prominent place within the public building.
  • Can only be produced by an Public Buildings Assessor (PBEA) who is registered with a Government approved accreditation scheme.
  • Display Certificate renewed every 12 months and a new Advisory report every 7 years.
  • Certificate and advisory report are placed on Landmark Register
  • ´╗┐Fines for non-compliance, imposed by Trading Standards. Requires a Building inspection by a qualified assessor, assessor uses energy consumption figures to determine rating.
  • Cost from £250* including Landmark Registry fees
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* Excluding VAT