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New Build SBEM

SBEM stands for “Simplified Building Energy Model.” The SBEM calculation is part of the compliance process with Building Regulations. It specifically focuses on the energy performance of non-domestic buildings.

If you have a commercial new build project, the SBEM calculation is used to assess and demonstrate compliance with Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) of the Building Regulations in England and Wales, as well as their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Part L sets out requirements for the energy performance of buildings, including the thermal performance of the building envelope and the energy performance of building services systems.

Here’s how the SBEM process works for commercial new builds:

  • Design Stage Assessment:

The SBEM calculation is typically conducted at the design stage of a new commercial building. It assesses the building fabric, insulation, glazing, and the efficiency of building services.

  • Building Regulations Compliance:

SBEM is used to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of Building Regulations. This includes achieving a target CO2 emission rate based on the building’s specifications.

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC):

The SBEM calculation contributes to the information provided in the EPC, including the building’s energy rating on a scale from A to G.

  • Documentation for Authorities:

The results of the SBEM calculation, along with other required documentation, are submitted to the relevant building control authority as part of the compliance process.

  • Recommendations for Improvement:

The SBEM calculation may also provide recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building, helping designers and developers explore ways to enhance efficiency.

It’s important for commercial property developers and designers to work with qualified professionals, such as EPCUK, who are experienced in conducting these calculations and ensuring compliance with the applicable building regulations. The specific requirements and regulations may vary across different parts of the UK

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