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Display Energy Certificates

Our DEC shows the actual efficiency of a Building using existing consumption figures and useable area of the building. A Display Energy Certificate is legally required if all the following are true;

  • It’s a public building
  • It’s frequently visited by members of the public
  • It’s over 250m2

Key points about Display Energy Certificates in the UK:

  • Scope:

DECs are required for public buildings with a total useful floor area of over 250 square meters that are frequently visited by the public. This includes schools, hospitals, and government offices etc.

  • Validity:

A DEC is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. An accompanying advisory report, which provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency, is also required and is valid for seven years.

  • Public Display:

The information on a DEC should be publicly displayed in the building. This informs visitors and occupants about the energy performance of the building.

  • Energy Performance Indicator (EPI):

The DEC includes an Energy Performance Indicator (EPI), which is a numerical indicator of the building’s energy efficiency. The EPI is calculated based on the energy consumption per square meter of the building’s floor area.

  • DEC Assessors:

DECs must be produced by accredited energy assessors who are authorized to carry out assessments on public buildings.

  • Exemptions:

Certain buildings and structures may be exempt from the requirement to have a DEC. For example, buildings scheduled for demolition or with low energy demand may be exempt.

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